Location: Port St Charles, Barbados

Let’s go surfin’ now; everybody’s learnin’ how come on and safari with me!!

This morning our crew was woken up to a song by the Beach Boys to get them in the spirit of their big day ahead. With excitement, we quickly threw on our bathing suits, rash guards, and sunscreen so that right after breakfast, we could head out to Barry’s Surf School. Jayda created a wonderful breakfast that was waiting for us on deck that consisted of granola, yogurt, and fresh fruit so that we were fueled up for the day. Finally, with our towels, snacks, and gear in hand, we were off!

We were met at the shop by our new instructors, who supplied us with our boards and gear. The beach was only a short walk away, where they went over how to stand up on our boards and shred the waves like pros. Our instructors had an infectious energy to them, and it was evident that they loved what they did. Out on the water, many of us caught a wave for the first time, and we all cheered each other on as we continued to get better and better throughout our lesson. We also were accompanied by sea turtles for extra good luck! After lessons, we all stopped for lunch around town and got to enjoy treats like ice cream and milkshakes as a pay off for our hard-earned work and persistence in the sun and waves. Sadly, our day on the beach ended, but we left with huge smiles on our tanned faces knowing that we learned an incredible new skill.

After we arrived home to the marina, the crew quickly jumped into passage prep. We were to get Argo ready to set sail once again for our evening departure to Union Island. A wonderful dinner was served after all tasks were squared away, and Jayda even surprised us with a special red velvet dessert! After our great work to get tasks done in a timely manner, we left port for our new destination.

Updates to follow in tomorrow’s post! For now, fair winds and following seas! – Marissa