Location: Charleston, Nevis

This morning we woke up to some spicy scrambled eggs, thanks to Captain Dan and Esther. Then we moved into MTE, but it was good because it was a “knot class.” Dan is hilariousAfter that we met with our good buddy Barry the taxi driver and went up to Golden Rock Plantation to start our hike up the mountain to the source of all freshwater for the island of Nevis. Completely soaked in sweat and out of breath, we made it to the Source and a couple of us got some sweet sips. A couple of us semi-jogged down and had time to swim and grab lunch at the inn. Once rested, we wandered around town for a bit then dinghied back to the Ocean Star for bath time. The boat was prepped for passage to Dominica in the morning and we celebrated LisaMarie’s birthday with quesadillas and skittles/chocolate cake. We’re really looking forward to Dominica, but some people forgot to buy more seasickness medicationkeep y’all updated on that one.