Location: Underway to Mauritius


Good-day, friends and family, I hope all is going well on the dry land.

Today has been bittersweet; we sailed away from one of the most beautiful, remote island atolls in the world to begin our longest underway journey of the Seamester. It’s day one of our ~15 ~16-day passage across the Indian Ocean to Mauritius, and different feelings about the passage are floating around the vessel. Some of the crew members are stoked, some are slightly apprehensive, I am personally excited about the passage and the sailing skills I will gain. Yet I’m troubled about how well I’ll sleep. If you haven’t been informed, sleeping can be a bit hectic when the boat is underway and rocking. On the boat today, we had our MTE (seamanship) midterm, which is also the test to get our skippers license. We reviewed for our Oceanography midterm with a competitive jeopardy game. Josh K (Canada) was head chef today and did an amazing job. Chocolate chip pancakes for lunch and a whole lot of chili for dinner. No one is going to bed hungry tonight.