Location: Bequia, St. Vincent

The calm morning we all awoke into today really set the setting for what followed… except for what unfolded after dinner, but we’ll get to that. A beautiful double rainbow stretched over the sky as one by one people emerged above deck, from the salon, coffees in hand, While the last remaining lyrics of Dannys Song played over the speaker, still waking those fighting off the morning scaries. A wonderful breakfast cooked by Ash and our sous chefs was enjoyed in a calm heat as we were surrounded by large misty clouds. Not soon after, however, the sun emerged, and we began to feel the intense, familiar heat that only cold drinks and fresh smoothies can cure. Luckily the plan for the day consisted of a very interesting lecture given to us by our marine biology professor and dive instructor, Steph, and following was some free time to take a dip in the water, study, and make some calls home. Then we enjoyed our second of three delicious meals of the day, which was concluded with the announcement of our afternoon plans. Everyone was very ecstatic to hear that we would be allowed to return to land in order to collect our fresh, clean laundry, as well as have some time to ourselves in order to finish shopping for whatever we had our eyes on yesterday and neglected to purchase, and of course, cold drinks and fresh smoothies. Many people took the time we were given to take advantage of the local restaurants that we enjoyed delicious meals at yesterday, as well as their other fantastic amenities, free wifi. Soph conducted a very productive phone call regarding exciting new experiences, while Lucy, myself, and others used this time to accomplish some tasks regarding school away from school. Congratulations to Eulalie for her acceptance to Temple University!!! Asta walked out of a boutique tucked between the palm trees with a very stylish new shirt, while sam and Tate left with matching hats. Teddy was seen, with a bright smile on her face, sipping on a cold, bitter lemon, a crowd favorite of the many cold drinks offered on these islands. Also, in the afternoon, while Alexis, Maxime, and Logan were completing the last legs of their dive certifications, Stefi and Lucia eagerly seized the opportunity to have some time to themselves, which is not a common occurrence during this program. It was a very refreshing experience to have not one but two days in a row that was allotted for some very chill relaxing time amongst the island. The crew is extraordinarily grateful to our incredibly hardworking staff, who did not cease their efforts to care for this boat, and all of us, while the rest of the group was taking time to ourselves all day. The staff does not stop working for one second, and every single “Hey Sam, Steph, Ash or Cap?” that is spoken and followed with either a question or a problem, about 300 times a day, is still met with a smile and a solution. Tonight, however, they did have their fun. Ash was very excited to share a favorite dish of his, toad-in-the-hole, with all of us for dinner tonight, and he received a very positive response. A gravy-covered meal consisting of greasy breakfast sausages in a deliciously baked bread was enjoyed by everybody, but not enjoyed as much as what followedthe tiebreaker.
After an efficient cleanup in the dishy pit, leaving two full buckets of grease, food remnants, gravy, water, and soap, Ash requested that two regulation-sized apples be brought to him immediately. Tonight was the night that the two tying teams of the challenge course, from a few days earlier, face off via apple bobbing in the pit. APPLE BOBBING IN THE PIT!!! The crowd formed immediately, and the chanting grew louder. The groans of those foolish enough to look in the buckets were heard by all. The two champions, chosen by their teams, emerged shirtless. The rules were read by Ash as both men prepared themselves for, arguably, the biggest trials of their lives.

Sam and Will sat in an intense setting across from one another as everyone fought for a good view. Ash spoke, 3… 2… 1!! Both men plunged their faces into the murky food water, thrashing around for that sweet supple apple, yet only one team could come out victorious. Luckily it was raining earlier, and everyone had their gear on. Otherwise, freshly clean clothes would’ve been soaked by gravy water that was flung as both Sam and Will whipped their heads out of the bucket for grasps of oxygen, only to be thrusted right back in. The show of athleticism was incredible as Will pulled his head out of the water, apple in the mouth. Sam displayed an outstanding sense of dedication to his team, which was very highly respected by all, yet it was watch team one who raised the can of spam tonight. For those of you who are unaware, our trophy was a can of spam. Yes, spam.