Location: Underway to Les Saintes

Day 10 has revolved around the mystical island of Saba, a rocky mountain island covered in dense tropical forests and an eerie fog surrounding it. In other words, it looks like a miniature version of the island from Jurassic Park. Today, Argo’s crew had the option of diving into Saba’s underwater wonderland or enjoying some solid ground and vegetation. The groups split in half, and I decided to take a break from the ocean and go in for some shore time. Driving up the windy roads, the scenery consisted of an obscene amount of goats, greenery, massive mountains, and quaint villages with matching red roofs and white walls. After arriving in Windward, one of Saba’s three towns, we enjoyed the view and met with the hospitable people of Saba. Many of us did some provisioning and trinket shopping at Jo Bean’s glass shop and stopped for some bacon cheeseburgers (a rare delicacy to those onboard Argo.) The view of the ocean was breathtaking; Saba really is one for the books. Now we are underway to Les Saints, which is around 145 nautical miles from Saba, and we had the pleasure of enjoying Head Chef Dave’s cornflake chicken pasta, a strange and interesting combination. Hopefully, we have many more days like this one aboard Argo. ~ David P., Skipper of the day