Location: Green Island, Antigua

I always enjoy being skipper because it requires me to awake before anyone else. I have time to make a strong cup of instant coffee before waking the troops. There’s nothing like a quiet morning on Ocean Star. I woke up early enough to do some oceanography work we have a quiz coming up soon. We enjoyed a breakfast of eggs and then it was all over it was time to get down. Parents and friends, we’re rescuers now, well almost. We were broken into two groups to practice in water rescues. We practiced bringing unconscious divers back to a boat and how to actually transport their bodies onto a dinghy. It’s a little more difficult than one might think. There was definitely a 2-6ing (The call used to synchronise hoisting sails) of bodies, I never thought that would happen. My personal favorite part was being the unconscious one. We had to remove gear and it was quite exciting. If you ever get into a diving accident you’re going to want me to be there.

Lunch was my favorite, BLTs. Yum, who doesn’t love bacon? After lunch it was more rescue diving. We didn’t enter the water, but we learned how to deal with supplying oxygen to different types of injuries. After lunch the boys went to shore. The ladies stayed behind and hung out on board. It’s been a pretty relaxed day, which everyone has appreciated. We are about to watch some Blue Planet for our Marine Biology class. I believe it’s the episode of Coral Seas. It’s bound to be interesting. I have thoroughly enjoyed having these words with you. It’s given me time to listen to my reggaeton. And who doesn’t love that?