Location: St. John's, Antigua

We awoke today at 6:30 in Green Island to Casey yelling, “Missing divers in the water!” We all knew it was a drill but took it seriously nonetheless. It was part of our Rescue Diver training and, therefore, should certainly be taken seriously. Our missing divers’ consisted of cans of food he had tossed overboard. We split into teams, got our dive gear together, and were in the water within minutes. Each team took a side of the boat, and we conducted our searches using the search patterns we had learned about in class. Every group found their missing diver’ before the allotted time ran out, so it was a success as a whole. After breakfast, I was informed that instead of hanging around Green Island for another day, we were going to head to Barbuda. One of the research teams (Katy, Emily, and Devin) went on a snorkel to inventory Elkhorn Coral in the area. While they were doing so, the rest of us prepared the boat for passage. The passage was a lot of fun. We did some sailing maneuvers, such as a couple of tacks and jibes and raising and lowering sails due to potentially foul weather. The weather only really ever turned out to be rain, but it was exciting anyway. Meanwhile, the chefs were in the galley preparing grilled cheese and tomato soup when they suddenly ran out of propane. Oh no! Because Barbuda has no place to refill our propane tanks, we decided to alter course and come to port in St John’s in Antigua. We all just enjoyed some take-out pizza, and after clean up will be hitting our bunks for a good night’s sleep.