Location: Petite Byhaut, St Vincent

Hello Moms, Dads, Brothers, Sisters, Grandmas, Grandpas, boyfriends, girlfriends, best friends, family pets, and random potential seamester students,

I woke up this morning, stuck my head up to say good morning to Meg (a usual morning tradition in our very cramp little coffins that we “get” to call our beds) to see her sound asleep with her wet foulie jacket still on…that pretty much summed how the early morning shifts of anchor watch went. It was a very, very slow-moving morning, but there is nothing better than some of Chris’s chocolate chip pancakes to get everyone up and moving. And on that note of moving; We moved! We are now in a new cove further North on St. Vincent. We said our lovely goodbyes to our friendly neighborhood octopus; we said our not-so-lovely goodbyes to our neighborhood mega yacht that managed to block every single sunset, dropped our mooring ball, and set off!

Our new cove has very few waves, and everyone is excited about a good night’s sleep. Not that we don’t love being cradled to bed in the arms of Mother Nature, but an almost still boat will be a nice change for once. A new place means new dives! We all hit new max depths whether we were supposed to or not. Both groups got to go and explore the walls, shallow caves, and species of this new arena. Apparently, the wall just keeps going into the depths: fast. 80 feet came upon us quickly! There were fish as far as the eye could see, rocks covered in coral, and brightly colored sponges everywhere.

Professor Katie kicked off the afternoon by teaching us the ins and outs of “group punishment.” Not exactly what you think; her leadership chapter was on why it doesn’t work…there were some heated debates about that one. We all learned a bit about each other as we discussed what we would and wouldn’t do as leaders, team captains, skippers, social media influencers, or POTUS. Go, Katie, for her awesome presentation!

The long day came to close with a small group hanging out on deck (still procrastinating this literary review essay, but that’s an issue for a night that doesn’t have a pretty sunset) where we debated between bleaching Johnny’s hair, cutting Henry’s hair into a mullet, and/or stealing a giant pink flamingo float that we could see floating on the beach. Can’t you just see it? Ocean Star sailing along with a giant pink flamingo float trailing behind it. I don’t know about y’all, but I think it would be perfect. And…just to wrap up the perfect sunset…wait for it… WE SAW THE NOTORIOUS GREEN FLASH. I don’t think y’all understand just how excited we were.

Now I am off to go take my final Oceanography quiz before the midterm. Wish us all luck!

Photo 1: Good morning Meg! I hope that foulie is comfier than it looks.
Photo 2: Noah being his usual chipper self in the early morning. Thanks, Noah!
Photo 3: The boyz. Johnny was struggling a bit this morning, so Grady helped him out.
Photo 4: Max is ready to go diving…hat, sunglasses, and one fin.
Photo 5: Off to go scoooooba
Photo 6: Teacher Katie leading her discussion and totally blowing it out of the park! Great job, Katie!
Photo 7: “Henry!!! there is a plastic bottle floating by!!!” he proceeded to jump in post-shower to do his part in saving the turtles. Go, Henry!
Photo 8: Meg and I ready to go reach some new depths! Oops. 80 feet has never snuck up on us so fast. ” Sorry, Sam, we were just following the fishies.”
Photo 9: Brahm refuses to smile for pictures, so I will continue to post these until he does.
Photo 10: Our most epic water uber driver Ash
Photo 11: Diver Down in…
Photo 12: 3,2,1…
Photo 13: Diver Down…
Photo 14: Bye Ash, see you at the end of our dive!
Photo 15: Liam soaking up the rays
Photo 16: Name a better place to watch a sunset…I’ll wait. Can’t come up with anything? Ya, me neither.

Hi everyone at home and Teagan!!! Happy Birthday, Sabina!