Location: Young Island, St. Vincent

We were awoken to mini chocolate cakes, claimed to be breakfast muffins by Keaton Addisen and Katie. Addisen decided to take a swim between the zodiac and Ocean Star before we left for our big adventure. After this, we got shuttled to shore to begin our first onshore excursion. The bus ride to the hiking trail was filled with amazing ocean views and cool information from Jeffery, the tour guide. Ricky, the driver, rowed gears like no one’s business as we crawled through the chaotic roads of St. Vincent. Colorful houses dotted the landscape with plenty of stray animals to keep us entertained. We arrived to the hiking trail and were treated with single flush toilets and a great brief by the tour guides. The group then set off into the jungle on our two-mile hike through mud and steep trails laced with roots. Parrots, or Vincies, were heard cackling and seen flying about. After getting covered in mud and taking thousands of group photos, we had the opportunity to undress and swim in the refreshing freshwater stream just beside the trails. We then headed down the road a little to meet up with Pablo, the donkey who ushered us towards the better swimming hole. We found jumping rocks and acrobatic locals putting on a spectacular show, flipping, and diving into the deep freshwater pool. Leaving in the knick of time as a squall rolled in, we made our way towards the much-anticipated supermarket. Waiting a good deal of time to get in to buy copious amounts of sugar that we have been craving since day one, everyone loaded up on ice cream, chocolate, and Captain Crunch. In a sugar rushed haze, we rode back to the Ocean Star, getting to revisit the beautiful mountain vistas the island has to offer. Fajitas were on the menu for dinner but interrupted by a heavy squall causing us to retreat below deck to finish up. A quick Oceanography class popped out of nowhere. Everyone ended the night huddled around the TV watching JoJo Rabbit. Overall an exceptional day with a great change of pace; hopefully, more shore excursions like this one to come!

picture 1: Swimming in first river
Picture 2: In the Jungle
Picture 3: Bus ride there
Picture 4: After Addisen jumped in
Picture 5: Bus selfie
Picture 6: First stop on the hike
Picture 7: Jumping at the swimming hole
Picture 8: Initial Ascent
Picture 9: Max’s Descent
Picture 10: Slow group
Picture 11: Jeffery teaching us about nature
Picture 12: Big Tree
Picture 13: Big Tree Again.
Picture 14: Overexposed in the swimming hole
Picture 15: The boys in their jacuzzi
Picture 16: Prom pictures
Picture 17: Me
Picture 18: Action shot
Picture 19: Keaton, Addisen, and Henry