Location: Great Harbour, Peter Island, BVI

There was a sigh last night when I announced that wake up was 7 am but to my surprise, I wasn’t the first up when I rose at 6 am! It seems there were many enjoying the soft morning sunlight, and they are first of many aboard Ocean Star. We were still tied to our land, lubbing lives, however, with shoes on the dock and trips to the shore bathrooms happening. But after the formalities of getting everyone together, ensuring we had gear for all the amazing diving we are going to do, and a quick explore of West End, the most amazing thing happened…… We departed.
With 18 strangers, one boat, and a journey full of exploration ahead, we threw off the lines very smoothly for a new crew and made our way to Ocean Star’s real ‘home,’ on a mooring in Great Harbor. Our journey was a simple one, but some knot tying and vessel nomenclature kept all student crew on their toes, with some showing and sharing their previous boating experience. We were all very much looking forward to jumping in the crystal clear waters, and after a quick PADI swim assessment prior to making our first dives tomorrow, everyone relaxed and soaked in the ‘real world’ they are very much a part of right now. So real that the birds chant above, the fish swim around us, sponges grow on our mooring line, and the sun is the only thing that hints that the day may end shortly. We are very much connected to the very real and thriving living world out there. Sail away from safe harbor….. not at all; we sailed straight into the care of mother natures arms.