Location: Young Island, Saint Vincent

We started the morning with some delicious blueberry pancakes made by our Head Chef, Jordan, and our Sous Chefs, Maddy and Katelyn. After breakfast, we took an Oceanography quiz and watched a documentary about the life and work of David Attenborough. It made everyone cry because David is everything that is right with the world. Once we finished classes for the day, Calum’s group got ready for the Peak Performance Buoyancy training dive. Calum’s group had Bennitt, Hannah, Kantie, Dre, and Mack. Once they finished their dive, it was time for lunch. Lunch was a crispy green salad with couscous. In between dives and lunch, everyone got some sun on the deck.

After lunch Smash’s group started their dive, Smash’s group had Sonnet, Anthony, Will, Maddie, Jordan, and Max. Leoni’s group was the last to go. Leoni’s group had Colm, Andrea, Val, Greg, Katelyn, and Adelaide took Katelyn out to finish up her open water dives. The Peak Performance Buoyancy training dive consisted of swimming through a submerged hoop, and then we had to float upside down with our heads facing the seafloor and our feet facing the surface. We also had a bit of time at the end to swim around the small nearby reefs. We saw an eel, a lobster, a massive sea urchin, a pufferfish, and some angelfish. Dinner was shortly after everyone finished diving. Dinner was an amazing homemade chicken tikka masala. After dinner, we cleaned up and enjoyed the sunset. Another amazing day in St. Vincent!

– Mack

Photo 1: Greg and Mack enjoying an intimate toe embrace
Photo 2: (Top to bottom) Kantie, Anthony, Sonnet, Drej, Maddie, and Meghan soaking in the sun
Photo 3: Katelyn, Greg, Andrea, and Kantie having a zucchini sword fight (it got intense)
Photo 4: Drej, Calum, Ethan, Bennet, Colm, Maddie, Will, Anthony, and Meghan doing the dishes after dinner
Photo 5: Greg writing an original sea shanty (he might be smiling here, but he was just crying about how much he loves jellyfish)
Photo 6: Hannah, Greg, Valentina, and Calum emotionally supporting Greg while he does trash duty