Location: English Harbor, Antigua

The Ocean Star crew rose this morning in historic Nelson’s Dockyard to the smell of fresh-baked cinnamon rolls by our chefs Will and Hunter, who had risen extra early to throw together the extra special meal. After breakfast and a quick clean-up, the students went on a hike to burn off all their extra energy from Will’s sugary homemade icing. They hiked down Galleon beach around the point to view the Pillars of Hercules and learn how waves formed the natural pillars. Afterward, they hiked along the cliffs on the southern side of the island and down to the tide pools to discuss all the adaptations necessary for organisms to survive in the ever-changing tidal zones. It also afforded the students the opportunity to examine some miniature versions of familiar sea creatures such as urchins and sea snails. After returning to Ocean Star, the students then had an Oceanography lecture on energy transfer, food webs, and trophic cascades, further highlighting how interconnected all parts of the natural world are. Finishing up class around mid-day, the students then took the opportunity to explore both English Harbour and Falmouth Harbour. All showered up and ready for a night out; the students are throwing on their dancing shoes and heading up to Shirley Heights, where there will be a BBQ, live music, and one of National Geographic’s top 10 sunsets in the world.