Location: Falmouth Harbour, Antigua

Today started off early with some delicate boat maneuvering as we made our way out of English Harbor. The Harbor has been relatively quiet this weekend because many of the superyachts that usually tie up here were off at The Bucket Regatta in St. Barthelemy. With the conclusion of The Bucket yesterday, the yachts came pouring into the harbor today by the dozen. Luckily for us, we pulled out of English Harbor before it became too busy. Getting off of the dock was a breeze despite having two anchors down. The students impressed the onlooking professional mariners from vessels Penelope, Rainbow, and Tulip by quickly and efficiently hoisting dinghies and anchors out of the water and into the vessel. Everyone is in the groove right now, and we are firing on all cylinders like a seasoned crew should be. We made our way over to Falmouth Harbor, dropped anchor, and set up for a day of activities. The students hurried themselves to shore and soaked up those last few moments of snack gathering and internet usage. We all met up on Pigeon beach around 4:00 pm and began a beach BBQ. Discs were tossed, food was eaten, and all-round merriment abounded. After the sun had set and the BBQ had been cleaned up, everyone headed back to Ocean Star and continued to watch the parade of superyachts roll into the harbor. It was a great day today, and tomorrow we make our way to Barbuda for some more adventure.