Location: Pearn's Point

Wake-up time was 7:00 am sharp to get prepared to pull up the anchors and motor from Carlisle Bay to Pearn’s Point. We put on our PFDs (image 10) to make the windy journey further West on the Southern coast of Antigua. A delicious English-ish breakfast was made by the lovely Ash with help from Sophie and Max, consisting of eggs, beans, bacon, and tomatoes. Maria, Chloe, Grace, Jaden, and Max began their open water scuba diving drills taught by Marley while the rest of the group learned how to tie knots (bowline, square knot, clove hitch, sheet knot), make off cleats, and coil lines. As we entered Pearn’s point, we noticed a small cave and decided to snorkel to it (images 7, 9,13, 18, 19). Maria spotted a pufferfish, and Joel found giant starfish! It was our first underwater adventure outside of scuba certification drills! Hungry from our open water scuba and snorkel adventures, we swam back to Ocean Star (image 3) to find a delicious burger and sweet potato french fry lunch made for us (image 8)! After lunch, we had free time to begin brainstorming topics for our oceanography research projects, shower, and enjoy the beautiful island/ ocean views. For dinner, we devoured spaghetti with a homemade vegetable marinara sauce while discussing our favorite snacks and favorite places we have been. We cleaned the boat and then sat down in the salon for our first nautical science class taught by Smash, in which we learned basic sailing terminology. Individual anchor watch begins at 9 pm and runs every hour, but most people do not go to bed until around 10-10:30 pm. We lay down on deck, talking while staring at the clear starry sky and falling asleep to the gentle rocking of the boat in the waves. We ask each other questions to get to know each other better in the form of the game hot seat and discuss how excited we are for the adventures that tomorrow holds.

Photo Captions:
1. Chloe Grace and Amelia looking out to sea on our morning sail from Carlisle Bay to Pearn’s Point
2. Jackie and Kris
3. Our beautiful Ocean Star (all water pictures taken by Chloe Grace!)
4. Ash and Gram in the gopher hole
5. Maria at the helm
6. Amelia and Chloe Grace looking back at it
7. Maria and Meg getting ready for the snorkel
8. Joel introducing lunch!
9. Teagan swimming to the cave during today’s snorkel
10. Teagan, Gram, Meg, and Amelia on our motor to Pearn’s Point
11. The four Ashes (Max, Ash, Jaden, and Gram
12. Jaden striking a pose
13. Underwater angles
14. The pit in action during breakfast
15. Dropping the anchor! … its a process
16. Gram and Chloe in their shower suds
17. Maria, Chloe Grace, Marley, and Jaden practicing knot tying
18. The cave we snorkeled to
19. Chloe Grace ready to snorkel