Location: Pearns Bay, Antigua

No way we’ve been here for a week. The Ocean Star family woke up today with a hunger to go scuba diving and snorkeling to explore the underwater world! We had a delicious breakfast this morning to fuel our adventures and our giant muscles. Before anything could start, however, a beautifully planned scare prank caused Max to stay covered in Joels’ bunk bed closet for close to 30 minutes! Joel was unphased, but nonetheless, it was a hilarious idea. As many of the crew took on diving today, I myself, along with the other half of the crew, learned how to tie a variety of knots and coils to aid us in our future sails. We attended class in the salon with Captain Smash to learn how to use VHF (very high frequency), which is the way many vessels, ports, and marinas communicate with each other! We talked about our biggest problems so far, which was running out of pizza-flavored Pringles. And we rinsed all of our worries away with a wonderful saltwater shower. To end the day, we ate dinner as a group and discussed everything from hypothetical scenarios to who the best super smash bros player among us was. Overall, it was a great day, and tomorrow will bring more joy, learning, and memories.

From skipper Jaden and the crew, fair winds and following seas!