Location: Falmouth, Antigua

Just sit right back
and you’ll hear a tale of a fateful trip
that started from this tropic port
upon this 88 ft ship…

The day started before it even began as the crew sat through rotations of watch. The eerie night was broken by battles of wits. These battles came in the classic form of chess and the modern form of spitting fire bars and bringing the heat in freestyle rap. Wake up at 07:00 proved that rap battles could be just as tiring as manual labor when the crew all wanted to stay in their bunks. A nice breakfast got us up and at it. We heaved and hoed and brought up both Anchors making our way from Freeman’s Bay over to Falmouth. As we were underway, some of us took to the helm and were able to steer our beautiful schooner on the open water.

Along the way learned the ropes. IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT ONE NEVER FORGETS THE FOLLOWING: Uncle Luff had a tack on his foot and had no clue about the leech on his head. We spotted some sea turtles, practiced the phonetic alphabet, and After lunch the some of the crew went diving and were the first to be officially certified as open water divers. During the dive, they completed a CESA along with other skills from 30 ft below the waves. The divers encountered a variety of fish and coral, including parrotfish, sea urchins, and other sea monsters that the skipper does not have the capacity to identify. One of the coolest things was sitting on the ocean floor inside an entire school of silverfish. The other crew members embarked on a different undersea journey to see a shipwreck. Using their snorkels, they free dove, which unfortunately did not permit them enough air to uncover buried treasure.

As sunset crept in, the crew scrubbed clean with saltwater showers and prepped for dinner. In our muster, all of us shared one thing we are proud of and cleaned up to the musical stylings of Cardi B. Everyone seems to be adjusting to boat life quite nicely. We anxiously await Sam’s return from gathering provisions for with her she will bring fresh fruit and new snacks!!! While we miss dry land, fresh showers, cool pillows, and cold drinks, each day brings something new to learn and sea (that’s an ocean pun).

…so join us here each day, my friend
you’re sure to get a smile
from 18 stranded castaways
here on Ocean Star

Photo captions:
Night watch 00:00
Late-night chess
Rap battles after dark
Captain Jack(i.e.)
Anchor team
Mornin hugs
Joel being Joel
Sam with the ropes
Sam teaching us the ropes
Sam teaching us the ropes again
Chloe Grace takes the Helm
Hang Loose
Running out of snacks for snack breaks
Nap break
the pit
Just chillin
POV: gopher
Hi Mom and Frankie, I did a flip!
Hey Amelia!
New Jersey: Where the weak are killed and eaten