Location: Falmouth, Antigua

What up, my peeps and dudes! Once again, great day on the S/Y Ocean Star! The crew started their day off with some BOMB pancakes made by none other than Chloe Grace and her two trusty sous chefs, Joel and Maria. After breakfast, we did some hands-on learning with transects and quadrants to begin studying the underwater world. We had to be back on the boat quickly, however, because the doctor man Diesel was waiting at the docks to give everyone the gentlest covid test ever received. Whilst waiting for our tests, the men decided to take some gnarley quad pics to show off the gains they’ve made! Nobody really knows what the girls were trying to do, but a cool picture turned out of it! Once the crew returned, many of the students finished their certifications for scuba diving, while the others attended class. To end the day, we gathered around for dinner and asked the hard-hitting questions… What superpower would you have? Everyone is doing an amazing job aboard, and there is nothing but love and joy here every dayshoutout to Marles.

Miss you guys!
– Skipper Jaden and the Ocean Star Crew.

Note from the staff: Hi! We are setting sail to Saba soon, and our connection won’t be as reliable, so the blog posts might not be posted on the day it was written!