Location: Underway to Saba


Today marks the day of our first underway passage! From wake up to early afternoon, the crew was stirring in excitement. We began the day with an early OCE class after breakfast. Since our lab included lifesavers, M and M’s, and Skittles, we also got a healthy mid-day snack. Shortly after, we began to prep for passage. As skipper, I was handed a long checklist of things that needed to be done. As a crew and as a team, we didn’t know how to do many of the tasks on our own. But, each member eagerly did their part, volunteering to do jobs they’ve never done before and helping each other along the way. It was amazing to see how much knowledge we’ve picked up in just 10 days and how much we still have to learn. We prepped the lines, took off the sail covers, stowed our scuba bags in the laz, secured everything in the galley and salon, and were finally apply all the sailing terminology we’ve been going over in class. We also got to go over fire safety protocol and took turns manning the fire hose.

As we said our final goodbyes to the sea turtles in our cove, the energy on deck was like never before. With each sweat and tail, the booms crawled further up. Then, we were able to lift the sails foot by foot and then inch by inch and start our course to Seba. When all 3 sails were fully raised, smiles spread through the crew bright enough to rival the sun. Soaking in our accomplishment, we took in the awesome view, the sun hanging in the sky over the waves like a childhood painting becoming real before our eyes. The waves rippled below us, and we began to attach ourselves to safety lines as dusk crept in. Mustered in the cockpit with nothing but red headlamps, we shared a delicious dinner under the stars.

I don’t think any of us will be able to forget the feelings of adrenaline, joy, and accomplishment that we felt on the Ocean Star today. Tonight we begin our 3-hour underway watch rotations, which everyone is looking forward to. A big shoutout to the crew for teaching us everything we know and to my crewmates for being the most amazing people to share these experiences with! HI MOM AND FRANKIE, I MISS YOU GUYS!!! Got to catch some Z’s early wakeup at 4 am! Skipper signing off.

Photo captions:
Class from above
Gram and Jackie on the boom
Sunset underway
Sweet life on deck
Chloe Grace takes on the anchor locker
Class from below
The gals!
Girls out sweat the boys!
Soph and Marles
No turtles were harmed in the making of this photo
Boats and hose
The helm
Carnival games
A pirates life for me
hauling the sail
Sails up!
Kris looking cute or whatever
Selfie time