Location: Saba

Hello from Saba! We have officially completed our first passage!

Watch Team 2 (Kris, Jaden, Meg, Chloe/Grace/Glowy, Graham, and Ash) started off today with a 12 am-3 am watch and were relieved at 2:50 am by Watch Team 3 (Maria, Max, Jackie, Chloe/Cleo, Marley, and Sam). At 5:40 am, Watch Team 1 (Joel, Teagan, Eitan, Sophie, Amelia, and Smash) was woken up to begin their second watch of the passage and were immediately put to work taking down sails. Despite lots of smooth sailing during the night, the Ocean Star crew decided to motor the rest of the way to Saba due to wind direction. Watch Team 2 took the helm again at 8:50 am and, after a delicious lunch of Mediterranean bowls, Ocean Star moored just fifty meters away from the steep cliffs of Saba.

After the wavy and heel-y passage, the whole Ocean Star crew was ecstatic to reach our destination. Once we had reached our mooring, we pulled off our PFDs, cleaned up lunch, and jumped straight into our first OCE quiz, followed by a lecture on the properties of water. The rest of the afternoon was filled with long naps, showers, snacking, and OCE literature review work. During our dinner of tofu satay, Graham announced that the boat-wide game of Assassin had begun – the objective is for each crew member to “assassinate” (tag) their assigned target until only one crew member remains. By 8 pm, just two hours after the game had begun, only 15 of the 18 crew members remained. We finished the night with a review of our VHF exams, and then the crew of Ocean Star hit the hay to get ready for a full day of diving.

1. Crew members hanging out on the way to Saba
2. Meg at the helm
3. Graham doing a boat check
4. Jaden taking the wheel
5. Jackie and Joel ready to moor the boat
6. Reaching Saba!
7. Teagan admiring the view
8. Sam in the dishie pit with the fish she thought was a fork
9. Chloe/Cleo and Graham gophering/cleaning up after lunch
10. Kris doing some artwork
11. Jaden demonstrating how to stay hydrated
12. Teagan working on her lit review
13. Chloe/Grace/Glowy and Maria gophering after dinner
14, 15, 16. The progression Chloe/Grace/Glowy’s many naps