Location: Saba

Yee Haw!
Today was full of excitement and cheer as the crew got a chance to go on their first fun dive. We prepped for this major adventure by enjoying the breakfast spread prepared by Sophie, Maria, and Jackie. I think I had at least 4 muffins through the morning and afternoon. They were that good. We then quickly set up our tanks, patiently waiting for the call from the dive tour group telling us we could dinghy over. Soon enough, they hailed us over the VHF, and we sprung into action. The first group of divers includes me, Sam, Cleo, Max, Jaden, Graham, and Maria. While underwater, we saw a stingray, lots of sea slugs, and some awesome trunkfish. My favorite site was the sea turtle munching on the ocean floor. Cleary, we disturbed the turtle’s breakfast, but the turtle didn’t seem to mind too much about all the surrounding divers. When we got back to the boat after diving, the next group of divers put their tanks in the dinghy and got to go to the dive site. This second group includes Ash, Joel, Grace, Teagan, Sophie, Kris, Jackie, and me. Similar to the first group, we got to see the colorful reef and plentiful sea life.

After returning to the boat, all the divers were hungry and ready for the lunch of BLTs, which are always a crowd favorite. Once every devoured their sandwiches, all the students went down into the saloon for a class of Seamanship, followed by then a class of OCE. Finally, everyone got some free time to shower or work on their projects, or nap. During this time, we also cut up our watermelon into slices and cubes for everyone on board to enjoy. The watermelon, just like the sandwiches, was quickly devoured. We continued to take it easy for the rest of the afternoon, knowing tomorrow brings the start of our passage. As the sun was lowering into the sky, we enjoyed a dinner of spring rolls and fried rice, once again made by Sophie and her sous chefs. We ended the meal with the squeeze question of “describe the person to your right as an ice cream flavor?” Joel made everyone laugh by describing Jackie as the gelato display that has layers, and Ash got a hug from Jaden for his description of the fanciest tiramisu. Soon after I finish writing this, the whole crew will meet in the saloon to watch a movie and maybe even enjoy some popcorn.

Marls (MGB), signing off.

Image Captions:
1. Max and Amelia WEIGHTING to dive
2. Grace and Maria showing off their tank setup skills
3. Dishy pit being the dishy pit
4. Foreheads only
5. Grace and Cleo smiling for a photo, while Sophie gets attacked by her own hair
6. Happy to get good grades
7. Spring roll party
8. Saba being sucked up into a cloud
9. The best puppies in the world, Monroe (on the left) and Walter (on the right). They are the coolest and most awesome dogs, and I love them so so so much <3