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Insert Pirates of the Caribbean theme song

First day of passage! We started the morning with a passage breakfast of cereal, oats, and ramen. Afterward, we said goodbye to Saba and put up the sails. Well, even though I didn’t witness the sails being put up (or really any of the sailing today) because my stomach decided to be quite upset at me, but from what I heard, everyone did a great job! Everyone was in high spirits after watching the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie and tackled the day with lots of energy. Later that evening, the galley team made another wonderful meal even though all the rocking in the boat. The question of the day was: If you could take a trait from the person on your left, what would it be? Through everyone’s answers, you could see how close we have gotten just in the past two weeks. It was so touching to see the genuine care we have for each other and how valuable we hold one another. From the way we know if someone is missing at mealtime or the amount of times people ask how someone’s feeling is immeasurable. Onto day two of passage!

1. Ocean Star looking over Saba in the morning
2. Joel, on the 5 am watch
3. Breakfast
4. “Take what you can and leave nothing back!!!!!!”
5. Meg and Kris, the dynamic galley duo
6. Super excited Jackie as she holds on to the boat
7. Amelia holding on tight as she scrubs the deck
8. Using the night sky as our compass
9. True depiction of what it’s like below