Location: Underway

The day started slowly, as it typically does after a full day and night of sailing. The sails were still up, and we were still underway. Watch teams continued to switch off, bonding and playing games while on to stay awake, and sleeping when off (even though some of us (me included) would nod off while on watch at night or in the early morning). Things started to pick up after lunch once everyone was awake. Once lunch was finished, and the deck was clean, we had an oceanography review to prepare for our first exam of the class, which is quickly approaching. I personally can’t believe that we are already finished with two sections of the class. One more day of passage to go, and then we will be in St Vincent.

1. Teagan enjoying the sunset while waiting for dinner
2. The view… what else is there to say?
3. Graham having fun on watch
4. Watch team 2
5. Jaden being Jaden
6. Kris navigating using the sky
7. Meg on the helm
8. Jaden taking control
9. Hold on tight!