Location: Young Island Cut, St Vincent

Here we are again stationary after 2 days of constant movement, lacking our customary 20 degrees of heel, and the hum of the engine gone. Sailing 300 nautical miles is no easy feat, especially if the wind is blowing 30 knots right off the nose the whole time. Our journey brought us past Statia, St Kitts and Nevis, Montserrat, Guadeloupe, Dominica, Martinique, and St Lucia. Along the way, we saw shooting stars in the sky and bioluminescence in the sea. We felt the salt air on our faces and realized how lucky we were to be enjoying life in such a seismically different way than most people. Our passage was short, but it was full of laughs, salt spray, naps, and sargassum on the deck. We are all excited about what new adventures this new island will hold for us because the destination is that much better when the journey is slightly challenging.

The day started out slightly overcast, but as we neared the lush green slopes of St Vincent, the sun started to poke out from behind its blanket of clouds. As the outline of St Vincent appeared, we got welcomed by some local pilot whales! They surfaced about 15 feet off the boat to say hello and treat the crew to their first cetacean viewing of the trip. The day was eventful, but that doesn’t mean you can’t stop and enjoy an open-air nap! To anyone who has sailed on a rocking boat, you know how tiring just living is, so we can’t fault these newfound Caribbean sailors for getting in some shut-eye while they can.

The squeeze question tonight was what small thing in your life that is insignificant do you regret. Mine, as always, is not singing the Oscar Myer Weiner song to get that hot dog whistle, while others felt like dorks for wrapping Eminem not on center stage, feeding their beta fish other fish (by accident), and not buying that onesie or Pikachu shirt when they had the chance. These things may be minor and seemingly insignificant, but that won’t change the fact that we can’t clear them from our memory! Until next time.

1. Teagan enjoying the final hoon into St Vincent
2. Kris napping
3. Teagan and Sophie
4. The bread pocket featuring Meg
5. Grace (Chloe’s) usual napping spot