Location: St George's, Bermuda

Today was a day
It is something that happened
Tomorrow is new

First we had breakfast
And then before we knew it
BLAMO! Covid case

We got sails to set,
Places to be (Antigua)
Passage prep goes on

Now we are curious
And so we all get tested
We lose three more stat

Goodbye to Anna
And farewell to Annika
Adios Calum

Tell Sydnei to stay zen
The ones who stay will miss you
Ones who go will too

But wait! Theyre staying!
Rejoice and prep a cabin
Vela: Quarantine boat

And in other news
Today we all get new sheets
I can hear the grins

Lets get acquainted
With Bermuda for ten days
And hope were healthy

Program must go on
And life in the deep calls me
So lets talk whale falls

Drop stones and corals
And hydrothermal vents too
Even dense brine pools

Time for dinner prep
Great tunes on the stereo
Dancing in salon

Chatting at dinner
Dessert the size of my face
Ample laughs and grins

Today was a day
That ended up not so bad
Our spirits are high

Photo captions:
1) Anna soaking in the sun on deck
2) Tolo and Sophia messing around in the galley (perfectly blocked from view: Carolyn)
3) Clean sheets and some dirty ones to boot!