Location: St George's, Bermuda

I woke up at 7:15 A.M. due to an incorrectly setting the alarm for 6:55 P.M. Everyone got a bit of a rushed wake-up due to my error and breakfast being ready a little early. Everyone got up and ready quickly, and we ate some toasted bagels. Then we cleaned up and prepared for a marine biology class. We learned about the deep sea and the ugly creatures that inhabit the depths. Next, we had a leadership presentation from Lizzy and Emma B. They taught us about identity in leadership, and we played a game of never have I ever. We had to get up and move if we had experienced what was said and switch places with someone else that also stood up.

The last person to find a seat asked the next question. After the game, we had an hour to ourselves before lunch. We had burritos filled with egg and guacamole for lunch. After cleaning up, the few people who hadnt finished their emergency first responder (EFR) courses started working on that. The people who were retaking the navigation master exam had some time with Smash. It took about two hours for both groups to finish. Then everyone had free time until dinner. Right before the start of dinner, while everyone got up on deck, I dropped off a card to each person to thank them for their time with me on Vela. For dinner, we had pasta and salad, and I asked everyone for their daily appreciation and a memory they wont forget from the last three months. There were a lot of people who will never forget watching the whales breaching. I will never forget my first couple hours on Vela and how surprised I was by the size of the cabins and my bunk. We then cleaned up and started a game of cards against humanity. It was a fun game that lightened the mood for all of us.
To my family,
Happy Birthday Jack! Twenty years old is one year closer to the fun one. I hope you had a great day and are celebrating with your friends. Mom and Dad, I love you guys, and Im sorry Im not there to help with the projects going on around the house. Hope you guys are doing well and hope youre loving the puppies up for me.

Random photos from throughout the trip