Location: St George's, Bermuda

Today we enjoyed a relaxing day with beautiful weather and lots of sunshine. After
Smashs delicious crepe breakfast, we had a marine biology lecture on the polar seas. Today
was incredibly warm and calm, so we were able to have the lecture on deck in the sun. Dylan
drew a masterful rendition of his masters and gave us a 30-second rundown on seagrass and
the algae that grow on it. During the lecture, we were loudly interrupted by a school of
minnows swimming for their lives away from some hungry jackfish. It was pretty cool to see
marine biology while having a class on marine biology! We then studied for the upcoming
oceanography exam and had free time before lunch. While cleaning up from lunch, we saw
another school of minnows swimming away from a rather large, slender fish that has yet to be
identified. Later in the afternoon, we set up boom swing 2.0, and this time it was better than
ever. Although the water was pretty chilly, most of us enjoyed our first swim and ocean shower
in a couple of weeks. After dinner, we spent time watching Mama Mia and playing cards.
Although most of us are still a bit bummed to not be returning to Antigua and ending the program
as planned, we definitely made the best of the day and still had a lot of fun. These relaxing
(although at times stressful and filled with unknowns) past couple of days have given me time to
reflect and think back on all the memories of the past three months. Im so incredibly grateful
for this life-changing opportunity. I cant believe we have just about a week left!
P.S. Congratulations to Lizzy for passing her divemaster exam!! This is an incredible
accomplishment, and were so proud of her!
Peace out,
Skipper Emma
Photo captions
1. Enjoying class outside
2. Seagrass!!!
3. Class interruption
4. Unidentified fish
5. Boom swing 2.