Location: St George's, Bermuda

7:30 wake-ups have become the new, and they are quite nice. I have found that annoying everyone to the point where they need to get away from me has proved to be the best method to get everyone up on deck, ready for the day so we can eat our grub, which was oatmeal and ramen for those who dared. After breakfast, we had our final marine bio class (huzzah!) and leadership class, which consisted of watching the film Maiden (shoutout to all the women). It was my first time watching, and I found it so inspiring and amazing what a group of 9 women can do with a goal to sail around the world and prove we can do anything that men can do (and maybe a little better 😉 ). For lunch, we had tasty sammies with partially thawed deli meat. Following lunch was EFR and rescue diving and spending some time in the sun. For dinner, we enjoyed a charred garlic butter pasta with fresh cherry tomatoes. Our squeeze question tonight was, If you could bring anything in the world with you on Vela, what would it be? And no, you cannot bring your pets or family. Answers ranged from ice cream machines and slides to bouncy houses and gardens. Personally, I would love a soft-serve ice cream machine. Tomorrow, we are saying goodbye to our beloved Allissa, so we shared what we love about her. To end tonight, we are going to watch Ice Age and compare Issy to Syd the Sloth.
Lots of loves to all,
skippa ry
p.s didnt take any pics; sorry yall
p.p.s while writing this, I found out this wasnt our last marine bio class. Huzzah! redacted