Location: St George's, Bermuda

Well, today has been quite a busy and interesting day (as have the last few, if youve been keeping up). In addition to wrapping up the end of the program by catching up on rescue skills and marine science quizzes, we had to bid our farewells to a few beloved shipmates. After COVID testing the entire crew in the morning (with no new cases!), we deemed it best to send our COVID Q crew (minus Calum, who remains in the fo’c’sle – manning requirements) off to shore to halt any further spread of the virus on board. Additionally, Allissa had made the decision to cut her time short, given our current situation, and also flew out today. Understandably, we are all very sad to say goodbye so early. Crossing our fingers, at least a subset of our friends will test negative soon and be able to return to Vela. While the rescue course has been full of laughter, and it feels good to complete our science courses, these days have been hard. Weve had such a great semester with such an amazing crew, and to be honest, ending the program this way drawn out and constantly emotional straight-up sucks. In the meantime, we will fill our days with diving, studying, lunch-time games, and dishie pit dance parties. Peace out, Caro