Location: St George's, Bermmuda

The day started out fairly relaxing with a wake-up at 7:30, and everyone was kind of slow to get out of bed, but that was ok. We werent in any rush. We had a breakfast of granola and yogurt made lovingly by our head chef of the day Dylan. After breakfast and cleanup, Carolyn was very kind and allowed us to have some time to study before we took our final for oceanography. We took our final at 10:00, and when that was done, we had some time to relax our brains before lunch which was sandwiches/wraps. After lunch, we had a test of all that we had learned in our rescue course scenario 1. We had an unconscious diver (Lizzy) and a panicked diver (Issy) in the water. It was a little hectic in the beginning, but Tolo, Nick, and Jaycee jumped into the water to begin the rescue. Nick went to go help Issy, who did an amazing job playing a very panicked diver, while Tolo and Jaycee went to go help Lizzy who was unresponsive. Everyone was able to work together, and as time went on, we all fell into our roles, and we were able to get both Issy and Lizzy into the dinghy safely. While Sofia and I were helping in the dinghy, there was another situation on deck.

Smash had started bleeding, but those on deck did a very good job at handling that extra challenge. Once all of that was over, and we debriefed with Carolyn, those who needed to finish some other rescue skills completed them with Carolyn. Everyone else had some free time to relax or get some work done if they wanted. After everyone was finished with their skills, and out of the water, Issy and Tolo thought it would be a fun idea to pick up Sharp and throw her back into the water. It was very funny to watch that happen. Once everyone was nice and dry, we then had an awesome dinner of Asian bowls. After dinner, everyone got dressed in drag, and we had a fun drag show with everyone dancing. It was a very good time, and all of the song choices were great! Today was another amazing day on Vela, and I am so happy that I was able to be skipper for one last time!