Location: The Saints

It was an early start for some, as we left the mooring and departed from Dominica for the Saints by 6 am. By 7:30 everyone was up for breakfast on deck, made by Ben, chef of the day. Our watch teams worked two hour shifts, while others studied down below for OCE and MTE quizzes. It was a beautiful sunny day and a nice sail, once the sails were up, after motoring for the first hour. We enjoyed pasta salad for lunch and quickly cleaned up preparing for our arrival. After avoiding many fish traps, we had a mini photo shoot while tacking all around and then anchored. Then it was time for our first OCE quiz that we took in the galley that was air conditioned. A tasty dinner of meatballs and rice, even though it was suppose to be kebabs, followed by our MTE midterm. Another wonderful day at sea, everyone with red faces and smiles is ready for bed and surprised our trip is halfway through.