Location: Soufriere, St Lucia

We started our day with a breakfast of bagels and cream cheese along with some fresh bananas we bought from a local boat boy who pulled up alongside us in his brightly painted dug-out canoe. After breakfast and clean up, we were shuttled ashore for a tour of St. Lucia which began with a luxurious soak in St. Lucia’s natural mineral springs. After we’d enjoyed Mother Nature’s Jacuzzi tubs, we headed to the world’s only drive-in volcano which is actually more of a shallow crater with boiling sulfur springs and the associated smell of spoiled eggs. Next, we were treated to a tour of the botanical gardens given by a very knowledgeable local guide. Finally, our taxi driver James dropped us off in the city of Soufriere where we were able to have some lunch, browse the shops, and catch up on gigabytes at the cyber caf. Now, all that’s left tonight is a briefing for the reef check everyone is scheduled to perform tomorrow.