Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands

Today started with a beautiful sunrise followed by some delicious boatmeal, which is just oatmeal served on a boat. As we started the morning with a Seamanship class, the clouds rolled in, followed by some light rain and wind. However, this didn’t stop us from walking up and down the boat learning names of various parts and practicing knots. After, we all suited up and headed to our second to last certification dive for the PADI Open water Certification. We finished up this chilly dive and headed back to home base for a delicious lunch of pad Thai and leftovers. After this filling lunch, we eagerly jumped back into the water for our final training dive and passed with flying colors. This now means the majority of the crew is certified to dive in 60 feet of water with the few remaining stragglers soon to follow. The clouds then lifted as if in celebration our of accomplishments to reveal a spectacular late afternoon of relaxing and swimming before dinner. Dinner was a very satisfying meal of pesto pasta and sausage. As the sun was setting, we cleaned up dinner and headed into the cozy confines of the salon for our leadership class. This involved a very thoughtful discussion of morals and values with more than enough jokes thrown in to peacefully end another perfect day in the Caribbean.