Location: 50 Miles off St. Lucia

Today was a pretty laid back day. Everybody has been doing their 3 hours on, 6 hours off watches since yesterday. When not on watch, most people catch up on their sleep. One watch team today saw a bunch of dolphins playing at our bow. Unfortunately, my team was not so lucky. We had a delicious lunch of french toast and bacon prepared by Kevin and Charlie. We also took our first showers during passage. This consisted of us all jumping into water that was over 9000 feet deep with no land in sight. It was a little creepy, but a cool experience. A lot of us worked on a paper for Marine bio that’s due in a couple days. The weather has been dead calm all day, and we hope for similar weather for the rest of our passage, maybe a little more wind though. All in all, it was a pretty relaxing day, although we have a long night of watches ahead of us.