Location: Prickly Bay, Grenada

Our routine has set in well and the crew have been getting used to life at sea and truly living in the present, three hours at a time. The day brought a beautiful sunrise and a surprise appearance by a group of large Sperm Whales! Watch team three had the pleasure of seeing these magnificent mammals just thirty feet from the boat. As I walked on deck to prepare for my upcoming watch I spotted the distant hills of Grenada on the Horizon. A welcome breeze kicked in and gave are hard working engine and deserved rest. Under sail Ocean Star came to life and showed the crew her true colors and took off gracefully piercing through the oncoming swell. We pulled into Prickly Bay, on the southern most tip of the island and dropped anchor with all the other worldly cruisers. The crew showed Ocean Star appreciation for safe passage by cleaning her up and getting all the rust stains off her decks. Dinner was served and the crew enjoyed a much deserved night out. Kevin, OUT.