Location: Marigot Bay

Alarms sounded at 05:15 this morning, not a fire drill or safety alarm but a wake-up call. The bulk of the crew quickly ate a breakfast of oatmeal in order to fortify for the climb of the dramatic Piton. This 2,438′ monolith juts out of the ocean like the point of a pencil. By 06:30, we began the steep ascent. The group moved well together, with our guides leading the way through the technical sections that sometimes required the use of ropes to pull oneself up. By 08:00, the entire group had reached the summit, and we all sat down to enjoy the vista and a granola bar. Once back aboard, we prepared for a short trip up the coast to Marigot Bay, where we are currently anchored. Tonight the crew will be given shore leave to celebrate Valentine’s Day.