Location: Young Island Cut

We left our blogs readers as we slipped away from Rodney Bay. We only had 67 nautical miles to travel and didn’t want to arrive too early, so with only the staysails set. We sailed down the coast into the night. Much of the watch was spent looking over the transom (aft end of the boat), watching the wake and bio-luminescence drift astern.

Dawn found us off Young Island, the entry point into St Vincent and the Grenadines. After mooring Vela next to a beautiful schooner much like our own, the crew spent the day catching up on study and classes. That evening we piled into the dinghies to climb Walk-up-rock, an old French fort guarding the entrance to the bay. After a short climb, the crew perched on top of the rock to watch the sun go down before returning to Vela at dusk with the stars appearing above.