Location: Falmouth Harbor, Antigua

Goooooodddd morning, Argo! We started the day with some sweet tunes and great dance moves. After the brief mosh pit, we assembled in the cockpit for an excellent breakfast. What better way to start a busy day than Spanakopita and potatoes! Post-clean-up, the first two dive groups headed out to sea and embarked on their first and second open water dives. The group left at home worked on fish ID’s or one of the other assignments for class. Before lunch, we were able to get in a few more dive groups. Most importantly, the AC repairman came today, and now we no longer go to sleep worried about heat strokes. For lunch, we enjoyed a fabulous pasta salad and great conversation.

The afternoon was jump-started with the advanced divers’ second fun dive of the trip. We explored a coral reef near our anchor site and practiced some underwater tricks (I can do a handstand with my gear on now)! After a long-awaited dive, we headed back to Argo for a quick shower in the ocean and some intense rounds of Bananagrams and poker. For dinner, we demolished some spiced chicken, vegetables, and quinoa — surprisingly delicious! We then had a scientific reading and writing workshop. We finished off the night with our first movie night!!! We couldn’t contain our laughter and enjoyed some buttery popcorn. Before heading to our beds for a (sort of) restful night, some of us sat on the martingale (the nets on the bow) and listened to some good music — another snazzy night under the stars.

P.S. Mom and Dad, I miss you! I am having the time of my life! Send my love to Camille, Bella, Greta, Rizza, and Rocco!

The beautiful view of a rainbow during breakfast.
Ezra who accidentally fell asleep in the salon, and Una being Una
Open water divers coming back from their first real dive!
Thea and Niko goofing around underwater
Frankie and Sam exploring the coral reef
Mac, Nick, Una, Sam, and Ezra playing a competitive game of poker.