Location: Falmouth Harbor, Antigua

Greetings from Argo,
Today we woke up to find Una and Giselle doing post anchor watch yoga. Felipe was up next and walked to the end of the bowsprit to watch the sunrise. After a delicious coffee cake breakfast we packed up the dive gear and headed over to Proctor’s Point to officially finish certifying all the open water divers. Wahoo! After a quick lunch, the rest of the divers were able to head over the spot for a long awaited dive. We then all rallied back to the boat for some post dive swimming and water work out. Our delicious dinner of chicken parmesan was cooked by amzing chefs Elle and Frankie. Our question for squeeze was “What was the best day of your life?” We all dug into our happy memories for that one. Tonight we have a leadership class and study time before a possible movie night.

Pictured: Diving photos, Felipe and the sun rise, Thea laying out some lunch, Renee and Izzy, recently certified divers, group bow photo