Location: 07,03.49 N ; 052,11.67 W

Hello everyone! Currently, we are just over three days out from reaching our destination of Barbados! The routines of passage are in full swing, and we have had enough wind to sail consistently over 8 knots since late last night, allowing us to make good progress throughout the day. Watch team two started off the day with the 4-8 am sunrise watch, led by our student watch team leader Shane. During our watch, we were treated to a night sky full of stars where we were able to pick out the Southern Cross and the Big Dipper, as well as a beautiful sunrise that shone bright orange through the clouds, making the whole sky turn a pinky-orange color. After our watch, some of us returned to our bunks for some extra rest while others watched a movie in the salon.

During a delicious lunch prepared by Kerry and her sous-chefs. Marie-Louise and Steph, the students were surprised with the announcement that the watch teams would be changing one last time. The new Watch Team One, led by Smash and Mimi, consists of Shane, Allie, Maggie, William, Kat, Carolyn, and Missy. Watch team two, led by myself and Jay, consists of Jayda, James, Marie-Louise, Marissa, Benazir, Sylvia, Britt, and Rob. Watch team three, led by Calum and Steph, consists of Jett, Sierra, Emma, Kerry, Lily, Kate, and Will. After lunch, the students went down below to have their Marine Biology class (led by Mimi) followed by Leadership (led by Jay). Leadership class today consisted of the students’ “how-to” presentations, where they were challenged to come up with a topic to present to the rest of the group on how to do something in around a one-minute presentation. Projects ranged from how to appreciate and clean the galley, to how to set up the running backstays, to how to say “Hello, my name is…” in different languages.

After class, it was back into watches with the new watch team two meetings for the first time, playing some rounds of rapid-fire questions. We also got to tackle taking down the flying jib for the night, which ended up with Sylvia, Jayda and I taking quite a few splashes up on the bowsprit.

Finally, we ended the day with yet another lovely dinner and a good old squeeze, ready for another night of making the most of the wind and doing some great sailing!