Location: 05,08.34 N ; 049,32.94 W

Today started off around 3 am with watch team 1 declaring a prank war. Watch team leaders, Smash and Mimi, woke up the members of watch team one at 3:15 am. Everyone dressed in their all-black spy outfit and climbed quickly through the forward companionway. We crouched on the ground waiting for the perfect moment to slowly appear at midships. The red light provided backlighting to the black figures looming in front of watch team 3. In conclusion, watch team one successfully terrified watch team 3. we are currently waiting and preparing for retaliation.

Watch team one then resumed normal watch duties including bow watch, boat check, and helming until 8:00 am when watch team 2 took over.
This morning the galley and the salon were filled with the sound of Sylvia’s reggeaton music while she was preparing her father’s specialty: Tortilla Espanola! We enjoyed lunch on deck under the sun. It was delicious!

After clean up, we had our ICC (International crew certification) sailing exam during seamanship class and a marine pollution lecture during oceanography. We learned about oil spills, plastic pollution, and toxic contamination. Then we had time for showers down bellow before watch team 1 started their afternoon watch. Then the weather was perfect today with a sunny sky and a nice breeze. We got to sail most of the day without the engine on, which we all enjoyed since we only have about five days left underway before Barbados. Since we voted to skip our day in French Guyana, this is now our final long passage, and we are trying to make the most of it. Some of us had nice saltie showers due to the big sea sprays we have experienced.
To conclude this nice day, we had a delicious Alfredo pasta prepared by Sylvia, Jayda, and James.

For all the parents that may have the same questions as mine, this is the actual watch team composition:
Watch team 1: Lily, Missy, Emma, Sierra, Marie-Louise, Rob, William – Smash and Mimi
Watch team 2: Maggie, Kat, Sylvia, Kate, Jet, Shane – Elle and Jay
Watch team 3: Benazir, Allie, Marissa, Caroline, Kerry, Will, James – Calum and Steph

Papa merci de m’avoir appris a sauter et a nager dans les vagues, c’est bien util c’est dernier temps. J’espere que Indy et Mathias vont bien.
Mami, te quiero y te extrano infinito. Te espera un abrazo infinito cuando te vea.
Carlota, merci pour ton aide avec les Sun-shirt, tu es la meilleure. Je t’aime enana.
Isabel, enana numero dos, estoy contando los dias para que celebremos tu cumpleanos juntas. TQM. Happy birthday, B! I hope you have the best day ever, and I can’t wait to talk to you again soon! Love Kate 🙂