Location: Union Island, Saint Vincent And The Grenadines

Hello! Today was a beautiful day, and everyone on board seemed to be in a rhythm with one another. This morning started before our usual 7:00 wake up Allie, Steph, Carolyn, and I (Sinclair) woke up just before the sun popped out from behind the hills of Carriacou, grabbed our goggles, and swam ashore to Sandy Island. It was a brisk 80 degrees (yikes… how does 80 feel cold?). Anyways, the swim into the island and time spent walking around was overly beautiful. On the swim back to Ocean Star, there was a nice rainbow in the sky that we could tell wanted us to have a great day.

After the morning swim and everyone was awake, breakfast (cooked by head chef Ben along with sous chefs Peter and Allie) got rolling. Captain Ian went to customs so we could leave Grenada and her sister islands, and we prepared the boat for our midday passage to Union Island (only about 7 miles straight there). But as you should know, and we learned in Seamanship class, sailboats can’t always go straight. On our sail, we raised five sails and even performed a successful man overboard drill with a jug of water due to a mishap with the cold water jug at lunch. I won’t name any names, but if your daughter’s name starts with an A and ends with an, i.e., it may or may not have been her. Once we rounded the water jug a few times, we successfully and directly saved it and, in turn, indirectly saved our lives because cold water is a luxury item. So, pour yourself a cold cup of cold water, maybe add an ice cube or two in honor of us on board and the rescued water jug. I miss ice cubes.

Finishing out the sail, we tacked a few more times, trimmed some sails, and arrived at Union Island. Here we had a couple of hours of free time spent studying, cooking, and listening to music. We somehow did all three of those at the same time. Some people hopped in the water or watched their second movie in two days. After free time we had dinner, which was seriously delicious kale and sausage soup made by Ben with a recipe from Ben’s mom. Shout out Ben’s Mom! Post dinner, the crew breezed through cleanup. It transitioned into Marine Biology, where we turned in a research paper about how lionfish are causing significant problems in the Caribbean, took our first exam, and turned in our first round of fish identifications of fish we have seen while diving. Yea, we are learning things too!