Location: Sandy Island, Carriacou

Today we moved from Tyrrel Bay to Sandy Island, a small and leisurely journey that didn’t take more than an hour. Everyone was restless during the morning marine biology lecture due to the announced plan for the afternoon. As we reached Sandy Island, we had to take the boat in a few circles to recalibrate the compass. Once it was complete, some students swam straight to the island with the help of masks and snorkels. The water was crystal clear, making it easy to observe the diverse colors of the marine life that we floated over. No one sped through it but instead took their time, and if one of us saw something interesting, it was shouted to the rest of the group to share their findings. The island was not that big, but it was a perfect size for a peaceful walk around, and the trees produced more than enough shade for a nice nap. The breeze was cool, the water was not too cold, and everyone was having fun. Some took naps, some sat and talked in the shade of the palm trees while sipping the sweet nectar from a fresh coconut, and some were playing a carefree game of frisbee. Life could not have been more pleasant. Soon enough, the time came when we had to head back to the boat, yet everyone still had the peace in their minds that the island offered. To finish off such a day, a fantastic meal of turkey tacos with fresh made queso and guacamole was created by Dylan and his sous chefs. The last thing is a leadership class; then, we will all retire for the day.