Location: Underway to Devil's Island

Good Evening Readers!!! (especially Happy Birthday to Claire’s twin Eleanor)

Today was the second night with our new watch teams. Watch team 2 (Claire, A. Shuman, Elene, MG, Zoe, Gabe D, Nick, Beau, and Audrey (me)) started and finished with the 8 pm-12 am and the 8 am-12 pm watch. Then at 12am, we sang Happy Birthday to our tutor/adult friend/teacher/medic/staff member Claire with watch team 3 (Amanda C, Ben, Ellie, Nolan, Emma, Katie, Max, and Tim) while they started the 12 am-4 am watch. Lastly, watch team 3 (Gabe C, Will, Sabrina, Peter, Gabe G, Nat, David, and Elisabeth) had the sunrise watch (a.k.a 4 am-8 am). Last night Sabrina captured the frog that was spotted two days ago in our starboard aft head. We still do not know what to do with it. Currently, it is in a container in our salon with some fruit and captured flies. However, it has sparked a debate on if we should kill it or not and how we should kill it. Some people want to keep it until it starves to death in the container (because it is not eating the given food), while others think we should freeze it to death because it will shut down the nervous system. We do know that when it does die (and it must before we arrive at Devil’s Island), it will have a nice Vikings funeral off the stern of the boat, or it will be used as fish bait. We also had Marine Bio taught by Ben and Seamanship taught by Gabe C. We learned about sea stars and started our NavMaster course! In the afternoon, I worked on my paper and started to watch Crazy Rich Asians with Elene and Ellie; others studied for their meteorology exam that is tomorrow. We finished with a delicious dinner made by Amanda C, Peter, and Beau, as well as cake made by Ben for Claire’s birthday. We then did a squeeze question, which was to choose your favorite color and describe it in three words.