Location: Bali

I feel like we have learned so much from this student-led passage. From doing sail handling to learning more about the inner workings of the ship, having more responsibilities has made everyone step up to the plate.
The passage was absolutely breathtaking! Standing under the milky way galaxy and watching bioluminescent dolphins swimming alongside us during 4 am bow-watch will be a lifelong memory that I am so glad to have shared with these crazy wonderful people. Our last oceanography class was bittersweet; however, hearing about everyone’s research projects was a highlight. Being able to complete a full research project while aboard is a life skill I am glad to now possess. The feeling of accomplishment was continued as the student-led passage came to an end; sail drops and de-passage prep were quickly and efficiently accomplished. Today marks the last of our anchorages as we now sit at a dock for the last days of this adventure.
Juice was served cold at lunch. This is huge. The warm water was starting to get a little old. Provisions also were replenished in this time frame. Fresh fruit and veggies are exciting, as always. Free time was aplenty today. Some chose to catch up on their beauty sleep while others watched movies or worked on goodbye cards. Another focal point of the day was the spur-of-the-moment FIREWORKS (onshore).
A supper fun evening, including pizza and trivia, ended our first hours in Bali. Congratulations to OG watch team 2 for the win. Also, congratulations to Perry and me for successfully completing our Navmaster exam!!! So crazy to think I will be seeing my real twin (sorry, Barb, but if I need a replacement, I know who to ask) in 4 days’ time.
Co-written by Barbara and Elexia
For concerned people –> P.S. Everyone is currently alive and well.