Location: Rodney Bay, St Lucia

Unfortunately for Max, this morning, he made a silly bet. I asked him, “Max if we see a whale today will you get a buzz cut?” To which he eagerly replied, “Yes!!” Why he made a bet where he had 0 net gain, and large losses on the line is beyond me. All was well until Max admitted that he was not aware of what a buzz cut was, but it was too late. We were in prime whale territory and moving to Rodney Bay, so we were bound to see one. Max’s only hope now was that Julian’s leadership presentation would take well over an hour, but alas, it did not. I walked on deck with my hopeful eyes peeled, and within 3 minutes, a whale leapt out of the water. It was similar to the scene in the movie Free Willy where the whale shoots 30 feet into the air. The crowd went wild, and everyone on the boat saw the whale breach, except poor, unsuspecting Max. Max now had all eyes on him; would he shave his head? Would he go back on his word? He was in a pickle, so he did the same thing I would have done in that situation; he ignored the problem. A noble solution, in my opinion, but others on the boat were itching to see Max bald. What was I thinking about, you may ask? Content. My day as skipper revolves around getting the best story on board to tell to all the readers back home and the fans I have accumulated along the way. I made the bet for you, the reader. I was planning on telling you that there was a lice outbreak on the Ocean Star, but only in the foc’sle. I decided that that wasn’t believable enough since Johnny and Grady got away clean (well, somewhat clean, Grady is trying out a handlebar mustache look that many think needs to go, so maybe facial lice would have been a blessing in disguise). My next thought was to tell everyone that we crossed the equator and that Max was the only one brave enough to shave his head, but I also did not think that that was very believable, so I decided to stick with the truth, the cold, hard truth. Max has not gotten his haircut yet, but it is on the schedule for tomorrow. I actually edited the calendar so that we have a special slot just for cutting his hairupdates to come. I will hop on Tophs’s blog tomorrow to let you all know how it went. I wish I could say I have more for you on this fine evening, but we are short on time. Always remember, we are only short on time and sometimes also propane, but we are never short on content.
Love, Keaton (miss you Mom, and Dad)

Pic 1: Addie and I at dinner chowing down some cheesy naan
Pic 2: Ash and Max eating double deep-fried chocolate cake (a Max-heavy storyline calls for a Max-heavy photo dump)
Pic 3: Island Cat and Meg
Pic 4: What Max will look like tomorrow, after his mandatory buzz
Pic 5, 6, 7, and 8: underway go-pro snapshots to show my mom and dad that I am learning how to use it and that it was the best grad present ever.