Location: Underway to Thailand

Today my watch team- watch team 2 – started the day with the 4 am-8 am watch where we navigated through many oil rigs (or ROVs?) that were not on the charts! It proved to be quite interesting! Also, we are now officially in the Gulf of Thailand! We are estimated to arrive in Bangkok on the 15th. Today we finished up our Marine Biology course with our last exam! This morning before lunch, a bunch of us decorated the salon with paper snowflakes and paper chains while listening to Christmas music which really put us all in a happy, festive mood. This afternoon, we elected our skipper, chief mate, engineer, and navigator for our student-led passage, which starts tomorrow! Our successful contestants are Skipper-Matt, Chief Mate- Will, Engineer- Justin, and Navigator- Vivian. We will be choosing our student watch team leaders during our watches this evening! We are all very excited to embark on the tail end of our passage led by our friends and to be docking on a commercial dock for the first time! My skipper question was, “what is your favorite memory from this semester?” Some of my favorite answers were seeing the bats in Komodo, diving with mantas, hiking in Wayag, and white water rafting in Bali.

My favorite memory this semester was free diving with manta rays at Manta Point in Komodo. I had tears in my eyes and was in complete awe of how amazing the opportunities were on this trip.

PS- Mom, Dad, Parker, and Nyla- I can’t wait to see you guys in just five days! I love and miss you endlessly!

Current position: 0801.07’N x 10329.97’E

Emma, Lolo, Sydnei, Matt, Ian, Whitney, Grace, Jack, Vivian, and I made paper snowflakes and paper chains to decorate the salon
Our student passage crew leaders: Vivian, Justin, Will, and Matt
The snowflakes hung up as festive decorations!