Location: Underway to Thailand

Hello friends and family. Welcome to my talk show where we are going to discuss a day aboard Argo. (cue applause and theme song). Today was a good day on Argo. Especially for the people who woke up with a dead fish in their bed… May the cute flying fish rest in peace (cue sad noise). The rest of us woke up to clear blue skies!!! It was amazingggmany little fishing boats around us which were really cool. Our student leader peeps got to start their duties at 8 am. So far, they have done a good job. We haven’t crashed or gotten lost! Several people conquered their fears and retook the NAVMASTER exam. At 10:30, the games began, and 5 of us demolished that exam (cue cheering crowd). As people we taking that, others were learning about sail trim on deck or snoozing. But overall, good morning. Then we had lunch from Amanda. It was very good, definitely a highlight of my day. It was farro salad. Idk what farro is, but it’s yummy. NOW WE HAVE A COMMERCIAL BREAK…brought to you by the deckies, “Swallows are cool, and Lucia is a nincompoop”…. Welcome back, everyone. After the lunch break, we all gave Argo some boat appreciation. She was starting to look a little yuck, so we gave her a nice scrubbing. All the students then sat in the salon and filled our course evals. Not gonna lie; I felt mega-powerful. Then watch team three go up to watch, and PSCT peeps took their last exam! Business and Law (ooooaaaaahhh oooooaaaahhh) The rest of us just hung out, maybe took naps, maybe worked on some cards, maybe watched Love Actually (i watched Love Actually). Eventually, it was deck shower time. ‘Twas an adventure. The hose came undone at one point and went flying. What a time. THEN!!!! DIN DIN. It was another fabulous meal. Enchiladas. You betcha. Then squeeze was what would the person to your right’s best present be… wrong answers only. It was funny (cue laughter). We then found out that we would be with Argo for two more days! WHICH MEANS WE WILL BE TOGETHER FOR JUSTIN’S BIRTHDAY. It’s the best news everrrr. We love Justin. Now people are finishing up cleanup and getting through watch rotations. Lastly, we had a very nice sunset, long overdue, we’ve missed our sunsets. ALRIGHT. That’s all for today, my loyal followers. See you all soon!!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!

I’m aware this has been a weird blog.
Hello people and fluffy things related to me, I miss you. I can’t wait for candy canes when I get home (wink wink)

Just in: Our fearless leader, Tim, saved a swallow that flew into the chart house. He is a man of many talents.


Current position:

The wakeup fish
Zack and Carolyn on early morning watch
Grace, Whitney, Margo, Jack, and Lucia during BA
Preston Will and Justin, during course evals
Jack, Chris, and Whitney writing cards
Sydnei annihilating her nav master exam
Dinnnerrrr – we got some good food
Deckie squad during golden hour
The sun on the horizon being pretty