Location: Underway to Thailand

Almost there! Less than 24 H O U R S until we reach our final destination: Bangkok, Thailand. Our estimated time of arrival, you might be asking yourself? A ripe 0700 on December 16th. “Riveting”- Delaina “D” Ross. Our last full day on the water was definitely a fantastic one. The incredible watch team 1 had watch from 0400 to 0800, and let me say: the sunrise was one of the best I have ever seen. The sky was clear, the cirrus clouds were pink and pastel, and the sun was such an intense readwhat a way to start the day. Grace and Emma were voted watch team leaders the other day, and they have been doing a great job keeping our watches interesting and everyone in high spirits. Jack enjoyed talking a lot about marine diesel engines, and I will admit I did have to give him a PFD wedgie at one point. I’m sure he appreciated it 🙂 Once we got off watch, various activities were begun by people. Some napped, some wrote notecards, and some ate breakfast. Another day, another delicious bowl of boatmeal. The morning continued per usual, with watch rotations in full swing.

At lunch, we finally all came together. We had an Asian slaw made by Carolyn. We then all came to the conclusion that it was time to change all of our watches to the appropriate time zone. Instead of being on Argo time, we are currently on Thailand time, which is an hour behind Bali time. After lunch, everyone watched a short sailing documentary about Irving Johnson called “Around Cape Horn.” Right after that, we inventoried all of the food we had on board. In case anyone was wondering, we have plenty of oats to share. Did anyone get any good oatmeal cookie recipes? Anyone at all? Please?

Once all was inventoried, we continued our watch rotations. The amazing watch team 1 was back on the clock, making sure everything on deck was running smoothly from 1400 to 1800. During this time, I took my last PSCT exam, which was pretty exciting. On that note, every other student in PSCT has officially passed all five theory exams!!!!! Wow. Incredible. I have literally never seen anything betterhuge congrats to Matt, Zack, Will, Chloe, and Lucia. Absolute legends. We also took down the mainsail today in preparation for our arrival tomorrow. It was sad to see her go, but it’s exciting we’re finally arriving!

Finally, to wrap up the day together, we all ate lentil soup with a sunrise that was pretty amazing. We all have to get well rested to ensure that we are ready for arrival in Bangkok. Our last leg of this trip is 20 miles on a river through the center of Bangkok, which should be fully sick. It requires a pilot to come on board and advise us on the best way to get through said river. What an absolutely exciting day. I truly C A N N O T wait another second.

Sorry, Mom and Dad, I haven’t called, please don’t be mad at me 🙂

1. Emma killing it on the helm this morning just as the sun began to rise. 15/10
2. The beautiful, glorious, picture-perfect watch team 1 (minus yours truly, but someone has to take the picture. 18/10
3. The sunrise this morning. 15/10. Amazing. Sunrises over sunsets any day.