Location: Bangkok, Thailand

We did it! We officially made it all the way to Thailand, and we are pumped. However, it is a bit melancholy knowing we have almost reached the end of the trip. The passage was a blast and a half, and we all learned a lot and had a lot of fun. We started off today by having our last watches with our watch teams. I gotta give a shoutout to watch team 1–it’s been real. We dodged a lot of boats last night. It was pretty crazy and stressful, but also a great learning experience and very exciting. Matt and Tim stayed up much of the night working very hard, which we appreciate. We took down the last of the sails this morning, led by our chief mate Will. We were also surprised with cereal this morning–the first thing we have eaten for breakfast besides boatmeal for a long time. We even had crunchy Nutella, which is a fan favorite.
Then we picked up our pilot in preparation to go up the river. He was a very funny guy, whose shoes were apparently much too big for him, according to Gabe. It was extremely cool to see some of Bangkok. There were some awesome bridges and temples. It was kind of sensory overload after not seeing anything but ocean and sky for 12 days. With the help of the pilot, we got safely through the river and then faced the adventure of docking. After some miscommunications with the people helping us, we did indeed successfully dock.
We had a very chill afternoon after that and got to recover from our passage. Some of us slept, caught up with family, wrote our cards, or watched The Hunt For the Wilderpeople. There was a really large boat docking right in front of us, which made Argo look like a toy boat. It was really cool to see it. It was even being pushed by a smaller tug boat. We made some friends on that boat, and they waved and wished us a good stay in Thailand over their microphone. Our agents brought us a whole bunch of fruit, including dragon fruit. It was such a nice treat.
Before we knew it, it was time for dinner. Jack and his sous chefs cooked us up some pumpkin risotto with a side of very yummy bacon. After we ate, we had a squeeze where we all shared our favorite part of the passage. It was really nice to reflect on the journey and get to remember the good times. Amelia made us cookies for dessert that we got to decorate with frosting! We also put up some Christmas decorations to get into the Christmas spirit. It was a very nice day, and we are grateful to have arrived in Thailand safely. This is my last skipper blog so thank you for reading it. Shoutout to the fam for making it possible for me to come on this incredible journey.

A very big boat
Lucia chilling in a Hammock
Will killing it on the helm
Dragon fruit
Emma and Grace driving the boat
Matt, Zack, and Ian hanging out on the charthouse