Location: Tyrrel Bay, Carriacou

Another day started off bright and early with a 6 am wake up call, the whole crew was excited to start our passage prep, take up the anchor and begin sailing to Carriacou for the day. While everyone was still waking up and we had just started our passage, there was a surge of energy as one of the staff exclaimed, whale! Whale! Whale! Just over our port side, there was a pilot whale swimming alongside Ocean Star, what an amazing way to start the day. As we continued sailing the sky’s turned from bright and sunny to dark and grey, the wind quickly picked up, as the weather changed and rain rolled in bringing very poor visibility, so we got to use our new-found knowledge on sound signals that we just learned about in seamanship class, by using our horn to warn the other ships of our location in the deluge. After we finally arrived and we all dried off from our very wet passage, we got ready to go ashore. We spent the later part of our afternoon on the island learning about the history windward town, learning about Carriacou sloop boats, and getting a tour of where they are made. So after a very full day, we wrapped up the night with two oceanography lectures, and the crew, me included, were excited to get some shuteye.




Ciara. S